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Translation of sequence:
Step A · Envelope with instructions.
Step B · "Legal problems surface when you least expect them."
Step C · “Become a member of Legalitas. Take a weight off yourself.”

Detail view: Demonstration of the effect the mailer has when opened correctly.

Project Details

Client: Legalitas

Legalitas hotline offers legal services over the phone to thousands of Spaniards.

We were asked to increase awareness and generate newleads to the service. the idea was to make a piece to demonstrate how complications arise when we least expect them in order to suggest Legalitas as a solution. The envelope instructs the client to open the mail in a specific way. Pulling the upper sleeve apart with their wrist recipients find themselves lifting a diptych in form of a chain and ball out of the envelope.

The dyptich contains the main information and a call to action referring back to the service phone number.

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