Landcruiser Detector
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Translation electrostatic decal: Your Land Cruiser is always protected.

Detail view: Adhesive on mirror.

Detail view: Promotional card placement.

Project Details

Client: Toyota

A hangtag and electrostatic vinyl were combined to advertise a new anti-theft system available for the new Landcruiser.

Toyota offered free installation of the system to all buyers ready to purchase the official dealership insurance plan with the new car. The system consists of a hidden chip that enables geolocation of the vehicle in case of burglary.

The vinyl is placed on the driver's rearview mirror to create the effect of a police car following the vehicle at all times. The piece introduces the concept which is resolved with additional information in the hangtag. This idea contributed to an increase in sales of insurance plans which prompted the client to invest more on point of sale strategies.

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