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Q. How many copywriters does it take to change a light bulb? A. "NOBODY changes ANYTHING!!"
Q. How many art directors does it take to change a light bulb? A. "Does it have to be a light bulb?"

truth from the mighty web

Hello! I am José, a graphic and digital creator with extensive experience in the creative sector. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, I have led and developed projects for over ten years, predominantly in advertising. I am known for concept development and my ability to combine channels in cross-media marketing strategy.

As an Art Director I have worked to enhance brand relationships with consumers through branding, content, social and interactive projects of below, above and online advertising.

In 2012 I left Orbital Proximity (BBDO) to move to the United States and pursue a MFA in Digital+Media at the Rhode Island School of Design where my thesis work won Award of Excellence.

Ever since, my focus has shifted to cultural research and art but I continue to be enthusiastic about producing high impact communication work. Once you get the bug I guess you have it for good 😅.

I am credited as creator and co-instructor of [ctrl+c][ctrl+v], a hybrid multimedia course investigating reproduction and appropiation as artistic methods and as a founding member of Techlands, a research initiative speculating with future technological influence. I have also led technical and creativity workshops and currently looking to develop new teaching and speaker opportunities.

I am living with my wife and plants in Fairfax Virginia. If you are looking for like-minded talent to team up and collaborate, let´s meet!

What my colleagues say

Jose is one of the most professional and skillful people I know. He is a self-starter, always teaching himself new things and overall a highly prepared and highly motivated worker who loves a good challenge.

Virginia Marchante, Creative Supervisor

What my colleagues say

José is a really positive person but also critical with the work. He is a well rounded creative who is equally capable of thinking of great ideas and developing them from scratch. I can say he is a great Art Director and a better colleague. We miss him and I wish he was still a part of our team. I think that says it all.

Pilar de Giles Lopez, Creative Director

I believe that

The concept rules

Things should be well designed, period. But that's far from everything. Let's turn your communication problem into an opportunity to find something interesting to say.

The hands follow

As a creator I am always experimenting and looking at ways of incorporating my findings into new work. Ideas are just ideas. Let's make things and release them into the world.