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Detail: Closed box for branch director.

Detail: Mission brief, helmet and map.

Detail: Instructions with location.

Project Details

Client: Orange

Orange is a brand of France Telecom that substituted mobile network operator Amena in Spain in 2005.

To push sales we initiated an incentive plan adressed at the directors of stores and other retail channels, who each received a direct marketing piece.

The package included a strong message: The war for sales has just begun. As a head of retail it is their duty to lead their staff to victory. A combat helmet and a personalized tag set the mood for the campaign. A letter and map including the mission details describing the promotional stages leading to a final prize: A one week trip for all the participating staff and their commander to an island in the Pacific.

This concept was eventually retired in favor of a softer approach but the client insisted to continue developing actions with a similar role playing aesthetic. Incentive plans became popular amongst the salesforce and Orange continued to make business implementing these entertaining communications.

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