Say it with Sugar
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Point of view: Facebook app.

Detail: card selector.

Translation (for young couples): From now on the "colada" is on me.
(in Spain colada means laundry but also refers to pinha colada)

Translation (for a date): This dinner includes breakfast.

Project Details

Client: Azucarera

Azucarera is a traditional brand in the food industry. They produce sugar products with a strong presence in the Spanish market.

The brand was looking for an engaging campaign with customer participation on a small budget.

The campaign introduced the new tagline "life tastes better" (with Azucarera) in a Facebook app that gave "friends" of the official Azucarera profile the opportunity to share lighthearted messages from a set of post-cards, which could also be printed. Each card included messages written with sugar that prompted users to make nice gestures.

On the backside of the printed versions we included recipes for drinks, pastry and other suggestions that addressed Azucarera´s expectation of a discourse emphasizing the use of its products.

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